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our founders

Dr. Enoch Holloway Sr. & Dr. Marion Holloway


Dr. Enoch and Dr. MarionHolloway have a built the bridge between the church, Friendship Chapel Baptist Church and the community through their service to Hope House, Inc. as Co-CEO's. 

our board of directors

Dr. Enoch Holloway & Min. Marion Holloway, CO-CEOs  


Norma Bennekin, Program Coordinator

Sharon Tanner, Treasurer

Mary Catherine Montague, Recording Secretary      

Rev. Eddie Holloway, Jr., Mentoring Program Co-Coordinator             


Carl Faison, Sr., Evangelism Coordinator 

Rev. Patricia Jones, Jobs for Life Coordinator

our Vision

Enrichment beyond the classroom

our Mission

Is to reach the youth and help them improve their life skills              educationally, socially and spiritually. 

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